Are you desirable, unique and unforgettable? Of course you are.

Every time I date someone new, I change my signature scent. If you’ve read my dating blog you can imagine I ran out of options. So I created a perfume more beautiful and intoxicating than any fragrance on the market. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like it. I turn heads from people standing in front of me. I’ve been asked if it contains an illegal sexual stimulant.

Your scent is a delicious calling card that enhances the primal response in your lover’s brain, and lingers on his clothes, pillows and sheets.

This sensual interpretation of my favorite voluptuously fragrant flower combines creamy white floral notes of tuberose and gardenia with refreshing cyclamen, freesia, orange flower and white lotus. Amber and musk add depth and character.

Made in America. Alcohol and cruelty free. Proceeds support the Innovation Initiative, helping people follow their dreams and turn around our economic crisis.

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Hi Cat, I just received my perfume today. It's smells delightful. Thank you so much.

- Karla

I received the fragrance last week and I love it. And the little crystal bottle you included is so beautiful. I keep it on my bathroom counter and have been wearing it every day. My husband has never really noticed my scent or those other little things (he's a great guy in MANY other ways ;), but he noticed this one! I love the smell and love wearing a fragrance every day, for me! I never really did before this.

- Erica S.

Thank you SO MUCH for sending Dave home with a bottle of it for me. I really like the fragrance and feel super lucky that I get this gift. I have sensitive skin and tried it on my neck yesterday and not only did it not give me a rash (yay), but Dave sure liked it (BIGGER YAY).

- Eliza S.

I met Cat at a convention and was struck by her lovely fragrance. I asked her what perfume she wore, and she told me the story about how she had painstakingly constructed Jolie through many iterations and suppliers until she had made the perfect elixar. I love Jolie. So much that I bought 5 bottles for the women in my family. And they love it too. Guys, if you want to give your gal perfume that will make her love you more, give her a bottle of Jolie. Ladies, if you want to pique the curiosity of men, dab some Jolie on your nape and feel the heads turn as you strut past the boys. Your friends will ask you why you smell so wonderful. Tell them Jolie is rare because it's true. No alcohol in Jolie. Great for the skin! Thanks, Cat!

- Marcos